The president's watch is not worth the money

Recently, the United States, a middle and low shopping malls business downturn, near the new occupancy of the brand stores greatly attracted people's attention. People no longer pay attention to inexpensive small brand products, but competing to talk about famous. This can be anxious mall sales manager Jim, he wanted a lot of ways to engage in promotions, but a temporary solution to provide small goods door-to-door service, or no effect. The boss issued a dead command, must try every means to increase sales, Jim no way to start high-paying Yinxian, recruiting can make the mall back to life of sales personnel. A 22-year-old college student, out of a trick, they easily captured Jim's heart. The mall began to launch a special event - the President of the replica watches uk in the end worth? Publicity posters everywhere, plus a large sum of money reward. Curiosity and coveted the psychological play a role, people have studied Obama's watch, all kinds of answers continue to appear in the mall's bulletin board. In the end, a full-time housewife got a bonus, she used pictures to prove that Obama has been wearing a watch four years, only worth 350 US dollars, Obama's first presidential decree is signed with the rolex replica. People envy, but also by a psychological shock, the original president of the watch is not very valuable. Then, the 22 - year - old boy, but also out of a trick, follow suit, collecting the first lady 's clothes worth the money and the answer. A reporter received the prize money, he found the first lady Michelle in a TV interview, wearing a dress worth 34.99 US dollars. At this time, happy not only get bonuses reporter, sales manager Jim is also very happy, shopping malls began to slowly pick up the business. After these two activities, consumer awareness began to change, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. With this wonderful sales strategy, this mall back to life. This shopping mall has been continuing with such activities, and later, people found that former President George W. Bush often wear a watch worth just over 50 US dollars, while the former First Lady Laura neck pearl necklace wear, turned out to be worth ten dollars To spread the goods. Later, the 22-year-old college student became the branch manager of the mall, and he used this marketing campaign to convey to the world a concept - the use of material to replica watches reflect their own value, is the cheapest form of expression. play around the world standard time zone. 18K red gold bracelet case, the world's limited 1000 all comply with your own flight plan.