Watch ads on why the time is 10:09

1. will not use the time on the swiss replica watches set at 10:10 or so, has basically become the industry standard, people will think that this display in line with aesthetic psychology. Therefore, this is entirely a herd mentality. Some companies, such as the United States when the day will require all of its products must be set at 10:09. 2. You may note that most of the replica watches uk manufacturer's name, are in the middle of the upper part of the dial. Put the pointer in such a shape, can well set off the trademark. 3. This place is similar to a smiling face, meaning positive. The twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, almost all of the watches are trademarks on the lower part of the dial (6 above), and the pointer placed around 8:20. But this is a similar frown image, gradually not popular. Hamilton rolex replica Company may be the first to place the watch at 10:10. 4. There are also some Americans believe that this and Lincoln's assassination. Lincoln was shot in the April 14, 1864 at 10:13, the next day passed away. Initially the list of people may hear the news, put the pointer in this position. Of course, this may also be far-fetched. Because in the early 20th century, the table is on the pointer at around 8:20, and then gradually changed to the current model.